It's a Shape Christmas

Started in 2011, here at MadeByShape we created a collaboration project that connected students, graduates and industry professionals together. We created a digital advent calendar to enable creatives to create artwork free for download to end users on iPhone & iPad.

The process was simple. A digital calendar that counts down to christmas day and reveals a bespoke illustration each day themed around 4 different Shapes (Square, Triangle, Circle and Hexagon) & Christmas! 25 creatives are chosen to feature their artwork from all over the world.

This year we've been 'hella' busy, so we've decided to generate Ai illustrations to celebrate It's a Shape Christmas in 2023. If you want to get in touch with us regarding the 'It's a Shape Christmas' project please email

We'd like to mention a special shoutout to the very talented Jane Bowyer and James Huson who created our animated short story below.

Who are MadeByShape ?

We are a Web Design Agency based in Manchester, UK who specialise in Branding, Websites, eCommerce and Organic SEO.

Formed in 2010, Shape is an independent, energetic, fresh and vibrant team offering creative talent, industry knowledge and extremely high standards. 

We work with Sole Traders and ambitious Start Up Businesses through to large global organisations such as Blackberry, NHS and L'Occitane so we can tailor our services to suit your needs. Our preferred content management system of choice is Craft CMS

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